, 09-07-2003, Reuters 25 dec.2008

Geniuses, criminals do best work in their 30s

Geniuses and criminals may not seem to have much in common but they both do their be:t work in their 30s -- and mainly to impress the opposite sex.

When Satoshi Kanazawa, of the University of Canterbury in New Zealand, studied biographies of prominent, mostly male scientists he discovered that they made their key discovery before their mid 30s, around the same age that criminal behavior peaks.
    He believes the male competitive urge to attract females is a driving force for the scientific and criminal achievements, according to New Scientist magazine.
    "They do whatever they do" in order to win the sexual attention of women, Kanazawa said.
    He added that the competitive drive decreases with age and as men's priority shifts from competing for women to taking care of their offspring.
    "Kanazawa also found that marriage dampens the drive in both arenas," the magazine added.

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