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The Jew Power

January 26, 2010 by Hunter Wallace

The leaders of Organized Jewry in the United States are concerned about the criticism they are receiving in the comment sections of major newspapers and websizes. In particular, The Huffington Post has been a target of criticism. Although the paid gatekeepers over there ruthlessly squelch every anti-Semitic comment, a distressing and unwelcome wave of anti-Jewish sentiment still manages to penetrate the Zionist firewall.

This is a useful illustration of just how seriously discourse poisoning is taken by our ideological enemies. The White community doesn’t have anything like a cohesive hierarchy of organizations charged with monitoring and policing every Europhobic comment that gets posted on the web. Jews understand that discourse controls thought which controls political action. Through their control of the media, a minority of privileged extremists are able to lord over a slumbering White majority.

As it happens, I have spent a lot of time lately reading about America in the Antebellum era. There are similarities between the ways Jews have a chokehold over the dissemination of information in our own times and the old “Slave Power” which imposed the gag rule on the Senate and censored abolitionist material in the mails. They also manipulated the status system, exploited loyalty politics, and invoked the spectre of a Haitian-style racial holocaust to stiffle criticism of the “domestic institution.”

It took the Civil War to dislodge the Slave Power from its dominance over the Southern states and the Democratic Party. What will it take to rid Congress of the more formidable Jew Power?

 January 26, 2010 at 6:52 pm | Reply Hunter Wallace

Hunter Wallace   January 26, 2010 at 6:52 pm

You’re in the wrong place if you expect people here to be fooled by the 2% number. While Jews are 2% of Americans, they are almost 50% of billionaires and 20% of millionaires. They are the wealthiest ethnic group in America.

The JTA article acknowledges that Jews control The Huff Post: they are sufficiently powerful enough to ensure that anti-Semitic comments are deleted at that website and most others like it. This is why White Nationalists are always complaining about Jewish media control.

You are also knocking over a straw man of Jewish Power. While the Israelis haven’t gotten everything they want, the Jew Power in America still exercises substantial control over U.S. Middle East foreign policy.


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