Infamous lies

There is a psychological maxim saying that if you want to improve the relation or communication with your partner, the best place to start your efforts is with yourself, since it is much more difficult to change someone else. Adapting this maxim, it is also much more effective to improve the world by improving your own society and culture than try to improve the others. In the area of politics on a world scale, this is seldomly exercised. Here we will try to fill in this gap, by collecting some lies that are at least as infamous as those of the dictators of the world, but seldom, or not, mentioned in our media, because Western politics is actively involved. Most of them are enacted in the most enduring battle since the last World War, the Cold War. The role of the American media in these events has been that of the main mediator of these lies; for a few American conformations of this view, see these links: On the role of The New York Times in the Cold War, Comparison of the media coverage of the American and Russian shooting down of an airliner.

The Gulf of Tonkin incident
The murder of the Kuwaiti incubator babies
The dead Russian cosmonauts
The bombing of an Albanian civilian transport by Serbian planes
Palestinian terrorism
Who won the war Europe?
The sinking of the Belgrano
The crash of the Concordski
The war crimes of the World War II
The danger of weapons of mass destruction
The Russian threat
The shooting down of airliners
The West supports the self-determination of all peoples

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